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Category Creation and Understanding the Buyers Journey | Interview with Kristin Hennessy

Kristin Hennessy from Band of Hands on Pathmonk Presents

A business is only as successful as its employees. But with employees comes a host of logistics and compliance burdens that inevitably overwhelm small businesses owners. Band of Hands understands that small business owners have a lot of obstacles standing in their way, and created a new category of Workforce Mechanics to solve for these.

Kristin Hennessy, Director of Marketing, joined Pathmonk to discuss Band of Hands' unique solution in a new category creation, and how it's a win-win for both small business owners and employees.

In this episode you'll hear about Band of Hands and how they have created a new category in an antiquated space. You'll also hear how they work to reach their audience and ultimately support this new and dynamic buying journey. From impactful networking and putting a personality to their digital presence, Kristin discusses how they are driving business growth.

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