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Sign up and create your profile.

Just add your contact and company information and a form of payment to create your own portal where you can easily access and track your employees time, attendance and pay. 



Add in your payroll schedule and frequency.

Pay your employees weekly, bi weekly or semimonthly? We work on your schedule! Indicate your pay schedule and we'll take it from there. Enjoy the benefits of our solution that's powered by Paycor.



Invite your employees and we'll onboard them.

Your employees will receive a list of onboarding and verification documentation to complete via email. Once verified, they'll track their time in our system and you just approve. (Need a nudge? We'll remind you!)

Ready to thrive?
Getting started is simple.

Pricing is Simple

Your all-inclusive per-paycheck fee is based on your company's payroll schedule. 

What's your frequency?


per pay period per employee

Bi Weekly?

per pay period per employee

Semi Monthly?

per pay period per employee

Not sure on which payroll frequency is right for your business? Learn more here.

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Finding and keeping great talent is simple!

Need talent? Post unlimited jobs to fill shifts quickly.


Hire in one-click!

Part time workers? Rate and rehire your favorites.

Offload the risks and worries of employment. We've got your back!

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