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Just add your contact and company information and a form of payment to create your own portal where you can easily access and track your employees time, attendance and pay. 


Calendar scheduling

Add in your payroll schedule and frequency.

Pay your employees weekly, bi weekly or semimonthly? We work on your schedule! Indicate your pay schedule and we'll take it from there. Enjoy the benefits of our solution that's powered by Paycor.



Invite your employees and we'll onboard them.

Your employees will receive a list of onboarding and verification documentation to complete via email. Once verified, they'll track their time in our system and you just approve. (Need a nudge? We'll remind you!)

Ready to thrive?
Getting started is simple.

Pricing is Simple

Your all-inclusive per-paycheck fee is based on your company's payroll schedule. 

What's your frequency?


per pay period per employee

Bi Weekly?

per pay period per employee

Semi Monthly?

per pay period per employee

Not sure on which payroll frequency is right for your business? Learn more here.

Hiring online resume

Finding and keeping great talent is simple!

Need talent? Post unlimited jobs to fill shifts quickly.


Hire in one-click!

Part time workers? Rate and rehire your favorites.

Offload the risks and worries of employment. We've got your back!

  • What does the flat per-paycheck charge cover?
    Everything. (We're serious!) Here's what you get: Payroll & Payroll Tax Services Time & Attendance Employee Health Benefits and 401K at no extra cost to you HR Services and 24/7 support Customized Onboarding Offboarding Compliance with ever changing employment laws We handle your unemployment claims, workers comp claims We pay your employees' sick time Lowest workers comp rates through our affiliate partner Need to hire? 1-click Hiring and access to our marketplace of pre-screened candidates Unlimited job postings on our platform Employer of Record services
  • What do I have to do when my employees are on Band of Hands payroll?
    You log in to our platform and approve your employees time each week. You can also sign up to receive text reminders.
  • Do I still need to use my current payroll provider?
    No. You would switch over to Band of Hands. We can help you with that process. With Band of Hands, you no longer have to manage multiple vendors and contracts for employee-related services, such as payroll, HR, legal advisory and others. You now have a one-stop shop for all your employment related needs.
  • Do I have to put all of my employees on Band of Hands?
    No! (Though, you're saving time, money and stress if you do!) You can put however many of your employees on our payroll and add others on whenever you like for no added sign-up fee.
  • How does the sign up process work and how long does it take to have my employees onboarded and employed under Band of Hands?
    Once you sign up as a company, you'll be able to easily add your employees. They will access their onboarding documentation and e-verify forms on the Band of Hands platform. The onboarding paperwork consists of standard forms, including EO Survey (Name, SSN, Race, Veteran status, Signature, Date) Payroll Direct Deposit Form if preferred, and I-9 Documentation Form which will be e-verified. From signup to e-verify and on payroll, the process can take anywhere from a day to a week, depending on how quickly your staff completes their onboarding..
  • What if my employees are 1099?
    When you put your staff on Band of Hands, they become W-2 employees. This is advantageous for simpler tax filings and ensuring compliance with the 18+ states (and the number is growing), that are mandated to follow the AB-5 law. This law prohibits the classification of employees as contractors. Trying to "slide by" by having misclassified employees will only result in an audit and hefty fines. If you are in a state where 1099 employees are legal, and you'd like to continue to operate that way, we can work with you to determine what options are best for you and your staff.
  • Is there a setup fee?
    There is a one-time set up fee of $499 per company. This covers the account setup on our platform for back office and payroll systems. You'll be charged during your signup process. If you add more employees later on, you will not be charged that again.
  • What is the process for terminating an employee?
    Band of Hands handles all termination paperwork. We'll ask you to provide any written documentation as to performance discussions if the separation was due to performance related reasons. At any time you are having performance issues, please be sure to involve us so we ensure to follow proper protocol for such matters.
  • Will my employees benefit from being part of Band of Hands?
    Yes - Band of Hands is a win-win for both the employer and the employee. Your employees will now have only one W-2 for tax filings and will show a consistent employment history, which is helpful for loans and other financial approval situations. They have the perks of a W-2 even if they are a shift worker.
  • What if I have my own employee handbook?
    We do have a standard Band of Hands handbook, but we recognize that you may have company specific policies for your employees. You can send that to us and we'll review your handbook to ensure that we are aligned in overall philosophy and discuss if there are any variations that need to be addressed.
  • When the employees are hired, who is the legal employer?
    When employees are either hired or transferred to our payroll, they onboard and become BOHPS (Band of Hands Professional Services) employees of record. Meaning, they are legally employed by us, but work as usual for you at your company. We have a "joint employer" relationship with you and the employees. You can still refer to them as your employees even though we technically handle the back end part of their employment. This preserves company culture, as you are still their day-to-day manager and the front-end remains the same. Employment related decisions always involve engaging Band of Hands, as we are responsible to ensure compliance with employment regulations and processes. We also can provide guidance for you when coaching or counseling is needed with employees, and participate in the process if needed.
  • Do you have a sample of the offer letter that will be sent to the candidates?
    The offer letter is created electronically through our platform and is sent to the worker inviting them to the job.
  • What if I need to hire people?
    Once you've sign up as a company on Band of Hands at, you can start posting jobs. Our marketplace of pre-vetted talent will apply to jobs that seem to be a good fit, and you'll select the candidate(s) you want to hire. It's a one-click hiring process. Need help posting jobs? Watch this video:
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