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Digital onboarding is simple.

Simplify and streamline with automated onboarding.

Switching to our solution from your current system is a breeze, thanks to our seamless migration process. Band of Hands automated onboarding is simple, so your employees are positioned for success.


How It Works

The switch to our platform is incredibly simple.

Our platform makes it incredibly easy to invite your Employees to join. You can effortlessly send invitations to new hires and existing Employees through our user-friendly interface. Simply enter their email addresses, and they'll receive customized onboarding instructions, including access to our platform. Our goal is to simplify onboarding for you and Employees, making the transition to our platform smooth and hassle-free.

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Send invitations to your workforce.

Our invitation email not only facilitates account creation and job acceptance but also guides your workers through a smooth digital onboarding verification process before they can start working. Ensure compliance and reliability in your workforce with our comprehensive onboarding journey, designed for a hassle-free experience.

Customer Support

Expert Support and Training.

We're not just software; we're your partners in onboarding. Access top-notch customer support and comprehensive training resources to ensure you get the most out of our platform.

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