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Employing as a Franchise Owner just became Turnkey and Stress Free

Remove the guesswork and uncertainty of being an employer and take your franchise to the next level.


Our complete Turnkey Employment solution is the missing puzzle piece to complete your franchise business model in a box. 

Franchise missing puzzle piece
Alleviate the Joint-Employer headaches.

We provide the solution a franchise owner needs to succeed.

With Band and of Hands as your employment partner, it's easier for franchisors to sell more locations and easier for franchisees to operate one. 

  • Give your franchisees PEACE of MIND.

  • Bring CONSISTENCY to your brand.

  • Mitigate the RISKS that come with being an employer. One claim or audit can ruin your business. With us, you're protected.


We've partnered with the IFA to deliver a win-win solution for every franchise owner and the workers that help their business thrive.

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You get it all with one provider and one low, flat rate.
BOH Wheel of Services
Simplify the intricacies of being a franchise owner.

We make it simple to hire and keep great talent.

  • Easily convert 1099s to W-2s.

  • Hire and fill shifts quickly.

  • Supplement your regular staff with pre-screened shift workers.

  • Post unlimited jobs to our platform and rehire your favorites.

  • Alleviate the hassles of setting up benefits - we. provide employee benefits.

  • Reduce the administrative burdens of being an employer.

Recruiting Candidates
Protect your franchise and your franchisees.

For only $12/week per employee:

  • Your own dedicated HR Manager

  • Low workers comp insurance rates

  • Full suite of payroll services

  • Sick time pay covered by us

  • Time keeping software

  • Automated recruiting

  • Workplace risk management

  • Onboarding & offboarding

  • Compliance with all state and federal regulations

  • Processing of unemployment and workers comp claims

  • Employee health benefits at no cost to the business owner


Franchisor benefits:

  • Helps provide another closing tool for franchise prospects by providing the missing puzzle piece - handling employment

  • Differentiates your brand from like competitors

  • We're first line of defense between proposed joint-employer rulings

  • Focus on growing your business & increasing membership - not document management.

  • Alleviate the worry and substantial fines of state and federal compliance audits.

  • Mitigate the costs and risks of being an employer.

Franchisee benefits:

What our clients are saying

Make Your Franchise Your Freedom

Hiring, Automated Recruiting & Job Boards

  • Onboard your own employees and/or use our marketplace of pre-screened candidates to fill positions

  • Frictionless replacements and shift fills with in-platform ratings & reviews 

  • Unlimited job postings to our job board with one-click hiring

Employment Compliance & Liability

  • We'll handle your workers comp claims processing and employment tax filings

  • Low workers comp rates

  • Share costs of workers comp insurance minimums across franchise locations.

  • Offset franchise costs and risk by ensuring full compliance at lowest possible rates

HR Services &

24/7 Support

  • Employee handbooks, state-required trainings, and paperless signatures for documentation

  • Paperless onboarding

  • 24/7 access to dedicated HR Professional

  • HR Administration and guidance through all employee-related issues  

Payroll Processing & Time Tracking

  • Full suite of payroll software

  • Flexible payment options including pay on-demand and real time payment

  • Payment tax calculations, payments and filings

  • Mobile apps enable quick, secure access anytime, anywhere

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