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Full HR Support

Save time and reduce the headaches of dealing with HR.

Got talent? With Band of Hands, there's no more guessing and stressing. We handle the complexities of wage & hour, employee rights, hiring, offboarding and more for you.


How It Works

All your HR needs, questions, & concerns are completely taken care of.

Consider us your dedicated HR dream team, ready to handle all aspects of your HR department with utmost care and expertise. From answering your HR queries to addressing Employee concerns and ensuring compliance, we've got you covered. Our mission is to be your trusted HR partners, streamlining your HR operations and allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business's growth and success. With our personalized approach and comprehensive HR services, you can rest easy knowing that your HR needs are in capable hands.


Hiring, Onboarding and Offboarding Simplified

Seamless Transitions

Simplify every aspect of the Employee lifecycle, from onboarding to hiring and termination, with our comprehensive HR solutions. Our platform offers user-friendly tools to streamline processes, handle paperwork, and ensure smooth transitions. Whether you're welcoming new talent or managing departures, trust in our expertise to make the entire process efficient and compliant, allowing you to focus on strategic HR initiatives.

Compliance and Legal Matters

Stay Legally Secure

Navigate the complex landscape of HR regulations with confidence. Our platform equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to ensure legal compliance and mitigate risks effectively. From employment contracts and workplace safety to diversity and inclusion policies, we provide expert guidance and support. Trust in our solutions to protect your organization and uphold ethical standards.


"They handle all my employee verifications, document manager, I don't have to worry about employee claims, onboarding, off boarding, payroll, W-2s - that's all them."

Mike Gromley

Franchise Owner

Eat The Frog Fitness


Talent Acquisition

Unlock Top Talent

Our platform revolutionizes talent acquisition, allowing you to streamline your recruitment process from start to finish. With advanced tools for sourcing, candidate screening, and interview management, you can easily find, attract, and hire the best talent in the market. Stay ahead in the competitive job market and build a team that drives your organization's success.

Employee Benefits and Compensation

Create Competitive Packages

Stay competitive and retain your top talent with our comprehensive compensation and benefits management. Our platform offers flexible solutions for designing and administering attractive packages. From salary structures and bonuses to health insurance and retirement plans, we help you craft benefits that align with industry standards and Employee expectations.

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Employee Relations and Engagement

Foster Workplace Harmony

Enhance Employee satisfaction, boost workplace culture, and resolve conflicts effectively with our employee relations and engagement solutions. Our platform provides tools for measuring engagement, gathering feedback, and implementing employee-centric initiatives. We also offer guidance and resources to proactively address workplace issues, ensuring a harmonious and productive environment where employees thrive.

Customer Support

Expert Support and Training

We're not just software; we're your partners in HR. Access top-notch customer support and comprehensive training resources to ensure you get the most out of our platform.

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