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Onboard, pay, and manage your employees all in one platform.

Wave goodbye to the headaches of employment. Our complete employment solution handles every aspect of your workforce - hiring, onboarding, payroll, compliance, benefits and more for one low, fixed rate. 

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Everything included for one low, flat rate.

$12 per week, per employee. Seriously.

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Payroll & Tax Services

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Document Management Services

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Compliance & Legal

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HR Services

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Job Board & Automated Recruiting

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Time & Attendance

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Employee Health Benefits & 401k

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Data Security

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Trusted by small businesses

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Redline Athletics

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Freedom of Choice

Student Homeschool

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Eat The Frog


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Effortless payroll with our complete system.

Our dedicated platform is designed to streamline every aspect of the process. Trust in our user-friendly tools and expert guidance to simplify payroll processing, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

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Seamless time tracking on the go.

Discover the ultimate solution for effortless time tracking right at your fingertips. Our user-friendly mobile app revolutionizes the way you track time and tasks. Streamline efficiency with automated reminders for time-based actions, like breaks and clocking out.


Wave goodbye to the complexities of traditional time tracking methods and hello to modern convenience.

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What our clients are saying


Legal protection when you need it most.

Employment laws are complex. Compliance mistakes cost more than money – they jeopardize your reputation and business.

When you partner with Band of Hands, we take on the heavy lifting. You can rest assured your business is safe and compliant with all state and federal laws.

We've got your back!

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"They handle all my employee verifications, document management, I don't have to worry about employee claims, onboarding, off boarding, payroll, W-2s - that's all them."

Mike Gormley

Franchise Owner

Eat The Frog Fitness

Employee benefits.

Provide your team with the perks they deserve. Band of Hands offers full-time employees working 30+ hours per week a robust benefits package at no additional cost to you.


From medical to 401K plans, we ensure your team's well-being inside and out.  And the best part: we pay sick time for your staff, so you don't. Happy, healthy employees make for a happy, healthy business!


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