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Fitness Gym Owner Workout

The simplest way for gym owners to hire, employ and stay compliant.

Our platform converts your independent contractors to employees and handles the administrative burdens of being an employer so you don't have to.

Club & Studio Owners

For Club & Studio Owners

When you offload the burdens of being an employer, you can focus on crushing your business.

Avoid getting hit with fines.

Compliance is essential. Easily switch 1099 individuals to W-2.

Employment laws are complex. 15 states and counting are cracking down on 1099s. If you're classifying your fitness professionals as independent contractors (as opposed to employees), you'll be hit with potential legal and financial consequences, such as unpaid wages and benefits, fines, penalties, and in extreme cases, being shut down.

With Band of Hands, it's simple. We switch 1099 contract workers to W-2 employees, so you're fully protected.

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Focus on what you love.

Wave goodbye to hiring and HR hassles.

Employing people is stressful. As a gym or studio owner, you're responsible for hiring people, dealing with HR issues, unemployment and workers comp claims, payroll, and compliance laws.

Band of Hands takes this stress away.

Why You AND Your Staff Love This

We save you time.

  • Why waste time figuring out employment laws? We convert your 1099 to employees and keep you compliant.

  • We handle all of the employment-related administrative hassles for you so you can focus on what you love.

  • Need more staff? Instantly hire from our pool of pre-vetted fitness professionals without downtime.

We save you money.

  • Only $12/week per employee covers HR, Payroll, Taxes, Onboarding, Compliance, claims processing and unlimited job posting/hiring.

  •  We provide benefits at no extra cost to you for those over 30 hours a week.

  • Avoid high legal fees by staying compliant with today's employment laws.

We provide stability.

  • We provide your staff with the flexibility of gig work and the perks of being a full time employee.


  • Workers can maximize their hours by working for other studios, but still get one consistent W-2 from Band of Hands.  


  • ​By reducing the stressors of employment, you're happier, too and can run your best business. High morale and happy staff makes for happy clients!

Keep Your Business as Fit as Your Clients.

Start the simple signup process and we'll help with the rest!

$12/week per employee covers it all.

Hiring, Job Boards & Automated Recruiting

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Need talent? Easily hire from our exclusive marketplace of pre-screened talent. Post unlimited jobs with no added costs.

Full HR Support

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Got talent? Remove the guesswork. We handle the complexities of wage & hour, employee rights, hiring, firing and more for you.

Onboarding & Offboarding

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Automated onboarding simplifies your processes. We customize your documents to align with your culture and policies.. 

Payroll & Tax Services

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Payroll and tax processing and quarterly filing. Simple time tracking in our mobile apps with employee self service.

Compliance & Legal

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Avoid the nightmares of an audit due to misclassifications. We respond to EDD & SUI claims with a full suite of HR tools to keep you in compliance.

Full Back-Office Support

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We have your back with our back office support. Hand over the administrative burdens.  We keep all of your critical documents securely.

Our Fitness Clients and Partners

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Working together to change the fitness industry.

Our partnerships provide a win-win for business owners and professionals across the fitness industry.

Fitness Business Association (FBA) provides owners and fitness professionals a wide array of business-specific products, services, and benefits that enable them to more effectively manage and grow their businesses. Learn more about our partnership.


IDEA Health & Fitness Association is the world’s leading organization of fitness and wellness professionals including personal trainers, group fitness instructors, fitness directors and fitness business owners. 

We work hand in hand to help club and studio owners run their best business, and provide the optimal way to work for their professional staff members.

Fitness Professinals

For Trainers, Instructors and Staff

Free yourself from employment that limits what YOU want!

Fitness Class
We provide a new and better way to work in fitness.

Flexibility meets stability.

  • When you work under Band of Hands, you have the flexibility of a 1099 independent contractor with the benefits of a W-2.

  • Choose your own work schedule, or just keep it as is - you can work at other businesses to pick up extra classes or shifts whenever you want!

  • Reduce your tax filing burdens with one single W-2, even if you work for multiple businesses.

  • Shows a consistent work history, which is favorable to establish credit and get approved for loans.

  • You no longer need to pay self-employment taxes.

  • Coverage for worker's comp and disability, should you need it.

  • One consistent paycheck. 

  • Easily access your pay stubs and tax documents in our platform.

Learn more about the benefits of working through Band of Hands.

Sign up and create your free profile to start working your way!

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