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Employee Benefits Summary

As a full-time active employee, you are eligible to participate in our comprehensive
benefits program. 

Who may enroll

All full‐time employees working at least 30 hours per week may participate in our benefits program.  Dependents are also eligible to enroll if they are your: 

  • Spouse or Domestic Partner 

  • Children (or you are their legal guardian) up to age 26 regardless of student or marital status


All employees who have reached 1,000 hours AND 1 year of employment are eligible to participate in our 401K program. This is handled by and can learn more once eligible by contacting 

When you can enroll 

Eligible employees may enroll at the following times: 

  • During open enrollment 

  • Employees may enroll on the first day of the month following 60 days of employment ∙ Within 31 days of a qualified change in family status as defined by the IRS. View details here

Our Benefits Providers

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VSP Logo BOH Benefits_edited.jpg

View the full coverage details for 2023.

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What does $10/week per employee mean for you?


Contact Our Benefits Team at OHM Benefit & Insurance Services:

Jason Sandler

1-877-650-0808 Ext. 101

Anna O’Ryan

1-877-650-0808 Ext. 105

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