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New I-9 Form Must Be Used by All Employers Starting Nov. 1.

Keep Your Business Compliant: Partner with Band of Hands for I-9 and Employment Verification

As of November 1, 2023, employers must utilize the newest version of the Form I-9 to verify the work authorization of employees. This updated form from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has been optional since August, but its use became obligatory for all employers starting on November 1st. While the new I-9 does not alter the duties of employers or employees regarding work authorization verification, it does make some cosmetic changes. These include combining Sections 1 and 2 onto a single page, slightly revising the Lists of Acceptable Documents, and adding a box for eligible employers to check if they examined employee documents remotely under the new authorized alternative procedure for qualified E-Verify employers.

SHRM (Society of Human Resources Management) shared a quote from their network on the topic. "Historically, employers were required to physically examine an employee's original identity and work authorization documents for Form I-9, which created compliance challenges for many employers with remote hires," said Jang Hyuk Im, a partner in the San Francisco office of Fisher Phillips. To remedy this problem, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) created a framework to authorize alternative document examination procedures as an optional method to the in-person physical document examination method, he said.

"Even with the new improvements, the Form I-9 remains deceptively simple," Im said. "Any time a one-page form requires eight pages of instructions, two supplements, a 146-page handbook on how to complete the form, and the potential for significant monetary and criminal penalties, it will continue to present a significant compliance challenge for employers."

He added that this is a good time to update training and policies related to the I-9 and the E-Verify process.

What the new I-9 Form requirement means for employers

Navigating ever-changing employment laws can be tricky for businesses. That's why partnering with the right HR services provider is crucial. As of November 1, 2023, all employers are required to use an updated I-9 form for verifying employee work authorization, but what exactly does that mean for employers?

The complex processes around I-9s and tools like E-Verify highlight why it's so important to have an expert partner to help you avoid compliance mistakes. Even minor paperwork errors can lead to serious fines and penalties. This is where Band of Hands comes in. Our dedicated team stays on top of the latest requirements and developments so you don't have to. We'll make sure your processes are legally compliant, your forms are complete and accurate, and your staff are properly trained.

In addition to guiding you through I-9 and E-Verify changes, we offer a full suite of outsourced HR services. This includes payroll, benefits administration, applicant tracking, and more - everything you need to free up your time for running your business. Let us shoulder the administrative and compliance burden so you can stay focused on growth.

Don't let complex regulations trip up your business. Get compliant and stay compliant with Band of Hands as your employment law partner. Contact us today to book an intro call and learn more!


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