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Looking for work or needing to supplement your current work?  You've come to the right place. With Band of Hands, you get the flexibility and perks you love.

Free yourself from employment that limits what YOU want!

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Shouldn't work be full of perks?

Yes! Learn more about the health benefits when you work through Band of Hands.

Want consistency and flexibility?

When you're part of the Band of Hands network and work with our client base, you're already pre-screened and vetted.


This means you can apply and accept jobs quickly.  You'll see all of the details and logistics, as well as employer ratings to optimize your work experience and pay. Access pay stubs and tax documents easily in the app.

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Make your own work schedule.

You choose what works for your schedule.  You can look for jobs at the times and days that work for you, so your life is balanced just how you like it.

Our platform has the details, days, location and pay for open job. You can also easily communicate with the hiring manager on any questions you may have.

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Love your job but need more hours?

​Choose from a variety of roles that work with your availability.

If you're part time, you can apply and accept other part-time jobs on the Band of Hands platform to get up to full time. The easiest part? You'll get one consolidated paycheck each pay period, even if you've worked for multiple employers. Simple as it gets!

Dressed for Success

Set yourself up for success.

When you accept positions through Band of Hands, you will get a single W-2, making your tax filings simple. It also shows consistent work history. This is a big perk when it comes to applying for loans!​

As a W-2, you no longer have to pay self-employment taxes, are eligible for sick pay, workers comp and unemployment. Hooray!

How it works

Band of Hands works with tons of small businesses looking for great workers! Once you're fully onboarded to the Band of Hands platform, it's one and done! You can apply and start work at any jobs that fit your schedule. You get the perks of being a W-2 employee and you can always choose your own work schedule. We're just your behind the scenes that takes care of everything that you and your employer need.

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Create your free profile.

Upload your resume and add your skills to stand out on our platform or app.

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Search & apply for jobs. 

Choose from full or part time work. See details on schedules, pay and employer ratings.

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Accept with one-click.

Once you complete your onboarding documents, you can start work right away.

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Get a consistent paycheck!

Work and get paid on time, track your earnings and make tax season simple!

Yes! We provide benefits.

As a full-time active employee, you are eligible to participate in our comprehensive
benefits program that includes medical, dental and vision.

Ready to bring enjoyment to your employment?

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