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Top 5 Skills Businesses Look for in a Warehouse Worker

Warehouse jobs have been on the rise over the past decade, and industry experts say that this trend isn’t changing any time soon. Even with the increases in automation in warehouses, fulfillment centers and distribution centers, there is still a tremendous demand (and shortage!) for workers in this industry. If you’re looking for work, this just may be the industry for you.

Why are there so many jobs?

It all starts with e-commerce: the ability to order socks from your couch and a new bike from the comfort of your own bed. E-commerce has transformed the way we shop. According to a new Internet Retailer analysis of industry data, consumers spent $517.36 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2018, which was an increase of 15% from 2017. That’s massive growth! With this increase in demand comes a need to increase supply. Someone needs to fulfill, store and distribute those goods. While fulfillment centers, warehouses and distribution centers are being built all across America to keep up with the demand, they haven’t been able to hire a workforce quick enough to staff those facilities.

The jobs are there and the demand is high. Are you looking for work?

If so, then consider this industry for your next side or full-time job. There are many positions available in these facilities, and chances are, one is a good fit for you. And to help you out, here are the top 5 skills a business is looking for in a warehouse worker:


  • Familiarity with warehouse practice, methods and language


If you aren’t an expert here, don’t worry. You don’t need to be. But it will help to make you sound more qualified if you have a basic understanding of how these facilities operate and what terminology they use. Do some basic internet research to learn the various roles, responsibilities and expectations within this industry.


  • Physically Fit, can lift heavy objects


Many of the positions within a warehouse require some sort of physical exertion, so it is important to be confident that you are physically capable to carry out these parts of the job. Of course, machinery is typically used for the very heavy lifting, but warehouse jobs can call for hours spent on your feet and moving moderately heavy objects by hand. You will be most marketable if you are healthy and in good physical condition.


  • Possess necessary credentials


A lot of the jobs you will find at a warehouse do not require many credentials or specific experience, which may work to your advantage if this is a newer industry for you. However, they will most likely require you to have a Driver’s License and High School Diploma (or GED). Additionally, many facilities will require drug testing and an “All Clear” Background Check.


  • Teamwork and dependability


This is an important one. Warehouses are like machines, and every part of the system needs to function effectively and efficiently. Employees need to be able to work together, accept direction and be relied upon in order for the operation to run smoothly. Due to the nature of the work, the potential for injury and accidents can be higher than with other, more sedentary jobs. So, teamwork and dependability are very important to hiring managers.


  • Basic computer skills


Computer requirements are typically light in these roles, but a basic knowledge is usually necessary for the job. Many facilities have implemented some type of a WMS (Warehouse Management System) that automates, tracks, manages and coordinates a lot of the activity in a warehouse. These systems help to streamline processes and make workflow much more efficient. Typically they are user-friendly and can be learned quite quickly. So don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with a WMS yet!


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