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Grow Your Business, Not Your Problems - Your Solution to California Employment Laws

Introducing a simple and affordable solution to hire, employ and remain compliant with California employment laws, like AB-5 and more.

Business owners, including fitness studio owners and franchisees, establish their business to be an entrepreneur and make an impact in their industry. To operate a thriving business, you need great talent who can sell, train, enhance your brand, provide exceptional customer service, and achieve outstanding results. Employees play a crucial role in the success of the business. However, hiring and managing employees can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to employment laws, particularly in California.

These laws, including AB-5 classifications, AB-257 wage & hour laws, mandatory breaks, sick time pay, and others, can be mentally and financially exhausting for business owners.

Little Mistakes Matter - You Need Protection

Did you know that even a simple mistake made by an employee, such as incorrect formatting of a date in an 1-9 form, can lead to significant financial losses for your company? Who wants to deal with such trivialities and risks? To safeguard your business, you need an additional layer of protection. Fortunately, Band of Hands has developed a comprehensive employment system that does just that and more.

Band of Hands provides a turnkey employment system catering to fitness business owners. Our system is designed to simplify and make the process of hiring, employing and staying compliant easier and more affordable. Unlike other payroll or HR providers, we offer a comprehensive back-end system with everything you need at a lower cost.

You Can Just Focus on What You Love!

By partnering with Band of Hands, you can continue to select, train, and manage your employees, while we take care of all the other behind-the-scenes tasks that you may not enjoy. We’re not an add-on service, we’re a replacement that ensures all your bases are covered. We are your complete back-end employment partner.

Instead of what you’re currently paying in one-off services, we do it all for a flat rate of $12 per person per week. We provide everything, including HR, Payroll, automated onboarding, document management, Job boards, automated recruiting, time-keeping and offboarding.

Band of Hands wheel of services

We also handle your workers comp claims, unemployment claims, pay out your sick time, and provide health, medical, vision, and 401k benefits for your employees at no extra cost to you.

Our aim is to business owners succeed without being impacted by the burdens of employment. In support of the fitness industry, we’ve partnered with the FBA and IdeaFit to provide a win-win for business owners and their staff.

By using Band of Hands as your employment partner, you can focus on running your fittest business and motivating and training the people you love, rather than the administrative hassles and risks that come with being an employer.

Switching some or all of your staff over to Band of Hands is a hassle-free process for you. Our solution works with your needs. No long term contracts, no hidden fees. They look forward to helping you!

Schedule a call with Band of Hands today and discover how they can help you succeed.

Learn more! Watch their session at the Fitness Business Association’s Succeed Conference Here.


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