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Your Guide to Make Extra Cash for the Holidays

The holidays are nearly here. Although you may see the dollar signs associated with gift-giving and holiday dining, have you considered how much money you can earn during this time of year? Here’s how you can make extra cash this Holiday season.

Companies Are Turning to Marketplace Platforms.

You may not realize it, but many employers view the traditional process of posting positions, reviewing candidate resumes and interviewing those that have made it through the prescreening process as time-consuming and inexact – among other things. Because of the unsavory taste left in the mouth of many employers, for short-term projects, they are often transitioning from conventional employee-based hiring to freelance labor.

Companies, along with individuals who need temporary help, are turning to platforms, such as Band of Hands, to connect to the freelance workforce. They post money-making assignments, and you apply for the jobs. Consequently, these virtual marketplaces are perfect for helping you find short-term paid assignments to fund your holiday spending.

A virtual marketplace is not reserved for unskilled labor. Regardless of your background or education level, there is a job that you can do and skills that you bring to the table. You may be great at babysitting, running errands and organizing clutter. Or you could have exceptional carpentry skills. You may even be a highly educated professional, such as a doctor or lawyer.

Examples of Simple Jobs That Could Add to your Holiday Funds

Here are a few easy gigs that you could find on the Band of Hands platform to make extra cash:

Being a Brand Ambassador

Some companies hire freelancers to promote their brand. The job of the brand ambassador is usually to distribute company-provided items to increase consumer awareness and hopefully expand an organization’s customer base. Your task may be to pass out free samples or coupons at a group event, such as ballgame or concert.

According to GC Marketing Services, a typical brand ambassador is “someone who, at the most basic level, represents a brand in a positive way. It is the duty of a Brand Ambassador to express the message of a company to consumers or people who would gain something from learning about the brand being advertised.” These jobs could last for several weeks or be completed within a few hours, depending on client needs. According to Deardebt.com, pay is usually about $15- $20 per hour.

Pet Sitting

As the holidays approach, many people vacation out of town, and they may not be able to take along a pet. As a result, pet sitting may be in high demand.

Dogs and other animals sometimes suffer from pet anxiety. According to Pets.webmd.com, many pet owners notice destructive behavior when their animals are left unattended. Returning home to puddles of pet waste and chewed furniture is not the holiday surprise that most people prefer.

To ease the signs of separation anxiety, such as excessive barking, potty accidents and even self-injury, pet owners may be seeking a sitter who can provide one-on-one care and attention for their pets in the pet parent’s absence. On average, according to Pets.costhelper.com, petting sitting could earn you between $10 and $65 per day. A visit to fill food and water bowls and offer the pet a bathroom break typically adds $10-$15 to your wallet. If you will only be walking a dog, expect to make between $15 and $17for each 15-20 minute walk.

Peruse Our Platform

Even though the tasks listed may be right up your alley, you have access to a wide variety of money-making opportunities through Band of Hands. To get started, peruse the posts on our platform. When you find something you are interested in, just click to apply. The more job offers you get, allows you to make extra cash for Holiday Gifts!

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