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The Truth About Liability (and How We Can Help)

Be honest: How often do you think about liability insurance?

The answer is probably somewhere in the neighborhood of never. When you’re focused on getting a job done — whether you’re renovating your home, launching your startup, or hosting an event — you have plenty of things to keep you busy without worrying about what could go wrong and who could be held liable.

But here’s the truth: Liability is real, and if you don’t have the proper protections in place, you could be sued for many thousands of dollars if a worker you hire gets injured or causes damage on the job.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Let’s go through the basics of liability and how to make sure you always stay protected with Band Of Hands.

When and Why You’re Liable

There are essentially two different ways to manage the workers you hire: You can choose to exercise control, or you can choose not to exercise control. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but neither option completely absolves you of liability.

When you choose to be in control, you assume responsibility for your workers’ safety and other conditions of the job. By making recommendations to your workers about where they should set up, what protective equipment they should wear, or how they should go about their work, you establish yourself as the person in charge and, thus, make yourself responsible for what happens on the job.

On the other hand, if you choose not to be in control, your Workers will operate under the assumption that you’ve provided them with a safe workspace and job experience. You could still be held liable if something about your property or the job turns out to be unsafe or causes damage — in that case, you could be sued for negligence for not providing Workers with sufficient warning.

Of course, laws vary by state, and there are important details that affect every situation. But as a general rule, whether you choose to exercise control or not, you may be exposing yourself to serious liability costs.

How Band Of Hands Protects You

In an effort to make liability coverage easier and more accessible for everyone, we recently launched our very own Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI) policy. This first-of-its-kind insurance product applies to every job on the Band Of Hands platform — as long as you’re in one of 42 participating states — and ensures that both Workers and Job Posters are covered for up to $100,000 of liability costs.

It’s typically a difficult and expensive process to secure this kind of coverage, regardless of whether you’re a business or an individual. We know that most folks don’t have time to compare insurance products, scrutinize the fine print, and sort through all of the necessary paperwork to get the right liability protection in place. That’s why we’re so excited to bring easy, automatic OAI coverage to the world.

When you hire through Band Of Hands, you can be sure that you and your Workers are protected in the event that they are injured on the job. It’s as simple as that.

Coverage = Confidence

Liability coverage is important, but it shouldn’t be an obstacle that prevents you from pursuing the jobs you need to get done or hiring the right Workers to help you. Our OAI policy was designed to be a simple and effective answer to the most common liability concerns, making Band Of Hands your one-stop shop for both great talent and practical work solutions.

The next time you visit Band Of Hands looking for help with a job, hire with confidence and know that you’ll have the right protections in place without any extra hassle.

Interested in learning more? Check out this quick chat with our Founder & CEO.

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