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Three Huge Steps Forward: Insurance, Benefits and Easy Background Checks

At Band Of Hands, our mission is to create the world’s best platform for connecting Independent Workers and Job Posters.

In order to do that, we know there are important logistical questions that must be answered. So that’s why we are proud to announce three major updates that promise improved confidence with our two-sided marketplace.  As of today, all Workers on the Band Of Hands platform will have access to Occupational Accident Insurance, discounted Health Benefits and optional Self BackGround Checks.

Insurance for Every Job

Starting today, June 4th, workers in our community will be covered by our new Occupational Accident Insurance policy (OAI). We teamed up with Bunker and the global firm Crum & Forster Insurance to create a game-changing insurance product that eliminates the most significant form of liability exposure for both Workers and Posters, with zero added paper work hassle.

The cost of OAI will be $1.05 per hour deducted from the Worker’s earnings. For that price, Workers automatically get up to $100,000 coverage on every job they perform on the Band Of Hands platform, including liability, loss of wages, and accidents. Plus, this cost also includes membership for Workers into the Independent Contractor Benefit Association. (See below for more information on your discounted healthcare benefits).

(For now, OAI is not available in the following states: AK, CO, FL, ME, MD, UT, WA, and NY. We’ll update you as soon as that changes.)

With this new OAI policy in place, Job Posters will have the peace of mind of knowing they assume no additional risk by hiring Independent Contractors through Band Of Hands.  This new feature will save time by avoiding the additional costs, paperwork, and hassle associated with traditional insurance offerings.

For Independent Workers, insurance has always been one of the most important and difficult challenges to overcome. We’re proud to offer this first-of-its-kind coverage to members of our community, and look forward to creating new opportunities through improved trust and efficiency across the Band Of Hands marketplace.

Discounted Healthcare Coverage

For Workers on Band Of Hands, the cost of OAI coverage includes membership into the Independent Contractor Benefit Association (ICBA). The ICBA — an 11 year-old organization of over 50,000 Independent Contractors — provides discounted healthcare benefits and informational resources to empower Independent Workers in all facets of life.

Through the ICBA, Band of Hands Workers will have access to affordable medical and dental coverage, as well as life insurance, family protection, and discounts on a wide variety of healthcare purchases. You can find more information and a full list of benefits in our FAQ.

Like insurance coverage, healthcare benefits are a top concern for every Independent Worker and a significant consideration for any business. We’re thrilled to be able to open the doors of the ICBA to our Band Of Hands community to find affordable solutions to all of your healthcare and benefits needs.

Background Checks Made Easy

Last but certainly not least, Workers on our platform can now process their own Background Checks and Motor Vehicle Reports directly through the Band Of Hands website. Once a Worker pays to use the third party Background Check vendor Checkr and successfully passes the process, a “Clear Badge” can be added to their profile indicating the screenings passed.

By making Background Checks easily accessible and directly linked to your Band Of Hands profile, our goal is to create an opportunity for Workers to build trust with Job Posters by openly displaying their qualifications, helping to build their personal brand and demonstrate reliability before a job even begins.

Please note: Background Checks are currently only available through the Band Of Hands web platform. We are in the process of bringing Background Checks to the IOS and Android apps soon so be sure to regularly check your updates and announcements from Band Of Hands.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these important updates! The Band Of Hands team continues diligently working to improve the platform and expand possibilities for today’s Independent Workforce. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.