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Independent Contractor Hiring is on the Rise with HR Professionals

Human Resource Leaders are hiring more Independent Contractors


We can confidently say that the traditional workforce is not going away. Full-time employees who work Monday thru Friday, 9-5 and earn benefits, are NOT becoming a thing of the past. They are, however, edging closer and closer to the minority in the workplace.


A recent study showed that only 51% of workers hold one traditional full-time job. The remainder make up contract workers and part-time employees. Another study of 700 HR leaders worldwide found that 61% plan to convert a third of their full-time permanent positions into contingent jobs.

The traditional workforce is just barely claiming the majority, for now, and the dynamic is continuing to shift.


So what does this mean for hiring managers and Human Resource professionals?


How Human Resource Professionals can accommodate a diversified workforce


First of all, HR professionals must hire management that is prepared to accommodate a diversified team. Another survey of HR leaders shows that 60% are hiring more contingent workers than they did 3 years ago and 42% will continue to bring more on board in the future.


Therefore, the trend to hire a more diversified workforce consisting of remote workers, freelancers, part-time employees is on the rise. HR professionals need to hire leaders who embrace the pros and cons of this diversification and can manage collaboration in this environment.


Second, it is important to offer flexibility for the current, traditional worker wherever possible. Flexibility is valued and often increases job satisfaction. It also shows your employees that they are trusted. So, offering the option to work from home occasionally or have flexible hours or days if possible, may ease the transition from a more traditional workforce to a more diversified one.


Finally, HR departments and management in general should understand what contingent workers need to be successful in their roles. Their position in the organization and on teams is different than that of traditional, full-time employees, but the goal is to make them all work effectively and efficiently together. Help contractors to clearly understand what’s expected of them and how things are done in your company. Make them feel like they are contributing to your organization’s goals and that their work is appreciated. Oftentimes, over-communicating these components is better than under-communicating them.


In conclusion, businesses are eager to be more flexible, efficient and agile, while also cutting costs, therefore independent contractor hiring is certainly on the rise across the globe. While this shift in hiring trends offers many substantial benefits to businesses, with it comes changes to employee management and organizational culture, and it’s important for HR departments to quickly adapt.


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