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The Future of Work Won’t Be About College Degrees

A whopping 85% of the jobs that students today will find themselves doing in the year 2030 do not even exist yet, according to the Institute for the Future. On one hand, it sounds shocking. We can’t even imagine what jobs our children will be taking on.

But on the other hand, it’s not that crazy of a statistic. Think of all of the jobs that exist now that didn’t exist 10-15 years ago: SEO analyst, UX designer, app developer, Uber driver, Airbnb host, Drone operator and the list goes on. Employment opportunities change massively in a matter of years. Technology propels the world forward at rapid speeds, transforming both the way we do business and the jobs businesses need to keep up.

So if jobs are changing so quickly, how do WE keep up?

How can we expect ourselves to go to 4 years of college and be educated sufficiently to handle the 40 years of work ahead of us in an evolving world? Perhaps we can’t. Perhaps we need to evolve too.


The truth is, the future of work WILL NOT be about college degrees.

The future of work WILL be about skills. It will be about constantly growing, expanding, transforming and evolving our skill set to be relevant and desirable in the workforce.

Let’s take a look at freelancers, for example. They are the fastest growing segment in the workforce, and 93% of them with a four-year college degree say that their skills training was useful in the workplace, versus 79% who say their college education was useful.  So while a college education, or any other formal education for that matter, can be very valuable, it’s clear that the learning can’t stop there. Additional skills training is essential.

As the future of work unfolds ahead of us, we must find opportunities to re-educate and retrain ourselves, our employees and our team members. When new technology, systems and processes debut, companies must invest in building their employees’ skills and expertise. Learning is a lifelong process that we must come to embrace regardless of how far our formal education may take us. Check out this post to learn where to start!


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