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What to Expect When you use Band Of Hands to Meet Your On-Demand Staffing Needs

If you’re new to Band Of Hands, we want to take a moment to explain what you can expect when you leverage our platform to meet your on-demand staffing needs. We know there are other app-based staffing solutions out there, but the Band Of Hands platform goes above and beyond to be your one stop shop so that all of your short-term, temporary positions can be filled with ease.




First of all, we understand that hiring can be costly for businesses. So we made it our goal to relieve this by providing a solution that is absolutely FREE for businesses to use. That’s right, you can post your job, hire your worker and pay them without paying Band Of Hands a penny. You can hire through our app repeatedly at absolutely zero cost to your business.




We also know that finding insured workers for your temporary positions can be a huge headache. Sure, staffing agencies provide insured workers, but they also charge a generous fee for their services. Insurance is certainly important, and you need to make sure your short-term workers are covered. When you hire through Band Of Hands, all of your workers* who work for you in-person will be completely covered under Occupational Accident Insurance with $1,000,000 worth of accident protection. No troublesome paperwork and no added fees, just a lot of peace of mind.




Workers who are hired through our app have access to the Independent Contractors Benefits Association, which gives them discounts on a variety of services like legal guidance and healthcare alternatives for their entire families (pets too!). They also have the option to complete a self-Background Check through a third party service. Background checks will be indicated on workers’ profiles so that you can confirm they have been done if you require it for your job.




Well, it’s easy really. Band Of Hands is very intuitive and comprehensive! Here are the quick steps to post your job, hire your worker, get the job done and process payment, all within the Band Of Hands app:


Step 1: Create your quick business profile on the Band Of Hands website or mobile app.

Step 2: Write a short job description and select your pay rate.

Step 3: Get notified when applicants respond to your job post. Review the workers’ profiles and select the best candidate.

Step 4: When the job is complete, you’ll receive an invoice from the worker(s) to confirm the hours worked before closing out the job. Payment will be automatically processed through our secure platform.

Step 5: Relax and get ready to post your next job.


Hiring quality, short-term workers doesn’t have to be a constant struggle for your business. Band Of Hands makes it convenient, flexible and cost-effective to fill your next opening.


Post a job now to see how easy it is to hire on Band of Hands!


*ineligible states: AK, CO, FL, ME, MD, WA, NH, MO, NY