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9 Jobs to Hire Through Band Of Hands

We built the Band Of Hands platform to be as flexible as possible. No matter what kind of role your business needs to fill, we can help you discover great talent, hire the right person, and take care of payments quickly and painlessly.

With the recent launch of our liability insurance coverage for every in-person job, we’ve eliminated yet another huge obstacle to hiring and opened the doors for a wide range of new job-posting possibilities.

Need a few suggestions to get started? Here are 9 jobs to hire through Band Of Hands to take advantage of our platform’s unique benefits.


1. Warehouse Fulfillment

Whether you’re facing a seasonal spike in product demand or preparing to expand your operations, Band Of Hands can help you find the right staff to keep your warehouse running smoothly. Plus, you can rest assured that every Worker you hire is covered by the Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI) policy.

2. Personal Trainer

When you’re trying to hire a personal trainer, you don’t want to get stuck in a complicated contract or long-term commitment. With Band Of Hands, you can post a job, search through applicants, and find the right trainer for you — with no posting, contracts or hiring fees.

3. Line Cook

Line Cooks are in high demand throughout all major cities, and with Band Of Hands, you can staff your kitchen quickly and easily with a few clicks. That kind of efficiency really comes in handy when the rush hits and you need extra help at the last minute — don’t leave a single table waiting!

4. Delivery Driver

Delivery side jobs are popular among students, freelancers, and independent workers of all kinds. On Band Of Hands, our community members are encouraged to complete a self-background check and Motor Vehicle Report so you can easily identify responsible drivers when you need them.

5. Social Media Manager

It might seem easy to find candidates for a Social  Media manager job, but if you’re looking for talent via a recruiting agency, you’re likely to pay a significant markup — and IF you decide to hire your candidate full-time, you can expect another round of hefty fees. At Band Of Hands, our pricing is always transparent and you’ll pay no fees if you decide to turn your temporary hire into a full-time team member.

6. Yoga Instructor

Choosing the right yoga instructor is all about finding someone whose personality, approach, and availability matches your needs. Thankfully, on Band Of Hands, you get to review all of the applicants who respond to your job posting and select the best candidate for the role.

7. Restaurant Server

For a role that requires as much patience and focus as a Restaurant Server, it’s helpful to be able to evaluate a candidate’s profile and see reviews from past work experiences. Band Of Hands makes it easy to have effective searches and find the right people for the job.

8. Data Entry

There are endless kinds of data entry jobs, so you need a platform that lets you post unique job descriptions. Once you Post your Jobs, you have instant access to a diverse community of available professionals. Band Of Hands includes all of the tools you need to process payments and keep track of assignments, giving you a one-stop-shop for managing data entry freelancers.

9. Event Staff

When you’re running an event, you need reliable staff — and sometimes, you need to find that staff as soon as possible. Band Of Hands takes the hassle out of posting any kind of event staffing job and connects you with great talent right away so you can focus on keeping things running smoothly.

Post a Job Now to see how easy it is to Hire on Band Of Hands!


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