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5 Tips for successfully staffing warehouse jobs

Warehouse hiring managers and HR staff spend a lot of time recruiting employees to fill their open positions, and with the massive growth in this sector, this trend isn’t going to shift anytime soon. After all, warehouses are popping up quicker than they can be staffed. Add to that the fact that warehouses typically see high turnover, and you have an industry that is constantly in a hiring frenzy.


Hiring can be time and labor intensive, and that time and labor can most certainly be better used elsewhere, like streamlining warehouse operations and reducing employee turnover. So we’ve put together a list of 5 tips for successfully staffing warehouse jobs.


  1.  Create a job description that is accurate, clear and thorough.

When posting an open job, take the time to be thorough on the job description and expectations. Be sure to list out any machinery that may be used, as well as required tasks and tools, so that only qualified candidates apply. Remember that warehouses operate differently and what is expected of a warehouse employee in one warehouse may not be the same as your warehouse expectations. Being as detailed as possible in your job post will help to weed out any unqualified candidates before they even begin the hiring process with you.


  1. Clearly outline the physical demands of the job

Warehouse work is often times labor-intensive, so be sure to make these expectations known up-front. Some jobs require workers to be on their feet the entire shift, while some require them to lift heavy objects or perform physical tasks repetitively. Being very clear and up-front about these expectations, both in your job post and in the hiring process, will help to ensure you are interviewing and hiring candidates who are able and willing to perform the job.


  1. Look for someone who is a strong fit with your warehouse’s culture

Culture is tremendously important in the hiring process and should not be overlooked in an effort to fill a position quickly. Warehouses rely on teamwork and good communication to operate efficiently, so hiring candidates who fit in with your existing culture is necessary. Ask your current employees for referrals for job candidates. They most likely wouldn’t refer anyone who would not be a good fit for the workplace. A strong culture can boost productivity and employee retention, so be sure to take this important piece into consideration as you are hiring.


  1. Hire on a temp-to-hire basis so both sides can ensure it’s a fit

You want to make sure the person you hire is the right fit for your company, and the person you hire wants to make sure your company is the right fit for them. So, consider hiring them on a temp-to-hire basis. Give them a trial period before you bring them on as a more permanent worker. This trial period allows both sides to figure out whether this is the right match.


  1. Leverage an online platform to streamline the hiring process

Hiring can be cumbersome, but it doesn’t have to be. Usually in the hiring process, companies post jobs online, sift through a bunch of resumes, hold interviews, check references and run background checks. The entire process can take weeks, but it doesn’t have to so think outside the box. Leverage an online platform (www.bandofhands.com) that streamlines and automates the entire hiring process. This allows hiring managers to quickly write a job description, including important details like pay, hours and location, post it online and get notified when there are applicants. Everything from checking references, ensuring background checks are done and even processing payments for a completed job can be managed in one spot.


If you’re ready to jump in, post a job now and see how easy it can be to hire for your warehouse!